Institute for Governance and Policy Studies

Policy Quarterly Volume 12 Number 4 Special Issue: Local Government

Edited by Jonathan Boston
Policy Quarterly Volume 12 Number 4 Special Issue: Local Government Special issue: Local Government

Published in November 2016

Full copy of Policy Quarterly Vol 12 No 4

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Edited by Jonathan Boston. Guest editors: Michael Macaulay and Mike Reid

Local Authority Turnout: whats the story?

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Mike Reid

E-voting Eventually? Online voting in (local) elections

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Christine Cheyne

Do We Underestimate the Political Strength of New Zealand's Local Government?

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Jean Drage

Local Councils and Public Consultation: extending the reach of democracy

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Jenny Ombler, Marie Russell and Graciela Rivera-Munoz

The Poll Provisions and Local Government Reform in Western Australia

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Chris Berry

Community Governance

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Peter McKinlay

The Need for Localist Reforms

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Jason Krupp

New Public Management's Impact on Capital Cities

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Richard Norman

Auckland Council: is it too big to last?

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Grant Duncan

Strategies for Managing Infrastructure Risk: an update

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Frances Sullivan

Do Denser Urban Areas Save on Infrastructure? Evidence from New Zealand territorial authorities

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Matt Adams and Ralph Chapman

The Resource Legislation Amendment Bill, the Productivity Commission Report and the Future of Planning for the Environment in New Zealand

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Sir Geoffrey Palmer, QC

Local Government Funding: facing the issues

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Claudia Scott