Institute for Governance and Policy Studies


It is with sadness that we acknowledge and thank Kenneth (Ken) William Piddington for his seven years as a Senior Research Associate. He died aged 80 after making a wonderful contribution to public life in New Zealand.
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The IGPS Team

The Institute has a team of highly qualified Senior Research Associates, hand picked for their experitise and research capability. In addition, it also draws upon the acaedmic talent within the School of Government, the wider university and the many gifted visitors it hosts from overseas Universities. More »

Ongoing Research

The IGPS conducts research across a wide range of topics in the broad areas of decision making, governance and management and public policy research. Ease of access ensures knowledge is shared and healthy debate encouraged.
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Policy Quarterly

Policy Quarterly is the journal of the Institute for Governance and Policy Studies. Published four times each year, it is targeted at readers in the public sector, including politicians and their staff. With compliments, it is available either online or as a hardcopy print magazine.
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Search IGPS Publications

The Institute offers a wide range of niche and speciality publications on policy issues specific to New Zealand and the Pacific that can only be ordered via our bookstore. Notable topics include governance and the role of the state .
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Public lectures

With 2014 being the 'Year of Applied Learning in New Zealand', the Institute is focused on offering practical and insightful speakers willing to share their research and offer workshops to aspiring policy makers keen to learn, adapt and challenge the status quo.
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Current Publications