Institute for Governance and Policy Studies

The IGPS produces a wide range of working papers and other forms of research - click on the links below to read our latest papers:


Connectedness and Canterbury

Read Catrin Parish's reserach on inter agency connectedness in light of the 2010 & 2011 Canterbury Earthqaukes HERE


Vested Interest

Read Colin James' analysis of what vested interests look like in New Zealand and what steps can be taken to manage them HERE



Read Rosemary O'Leary's analysis of collaborative governance in New Zealand and the important choices that we have ahead of us HERE


The Institute for Governance and Policy Studies (IGPS) fosters discussion, research and publication of current issues of domestic and foreign policy. We particularly link academic research and public policy by providing opportunities for independent and detached study, and for neutral and informed discussion of important and relevant issues.


Our goal is to engage the broadest possible range of informed opinion, particularly in drawing people together from the universities, the public service, the business community and the wider public community.  Our three catchwords might be summed up as study, engage, inform.

Learn all about partnering with the IGPS. We work with many groups, institutes, agencies, faculties, businesses and organistations to bring information and research to the public.



This year IGPS will have collaborated with OXFAM, LGNZ, ANZSOG, NZAG, IPANZ, The University of Auckland and many others.