Institute for Governance and Policy Studies

Policy Quarterly Volume 12 Number 1 Special Issue: Protecting Nature

Edited by Jonathan Boston
Policy Quarterly Volume 12 Number 1 Special Issue: Protecting Nature Special Issue: Protecting Nature. Guest Editor for Special Edition: Valentina Dinica

Published in February 2016

Full Copy of Policy Quarterly Vol 12 No 1

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Different Meanings for 'Nature' for New Zealand's Conservation Institutions

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Jeffrey McNeill

Unnatural Divides: Species protection in a fragmented legal landscape

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Pip Wallace

Improving Management of Invasive Species: New Zealand's approach to pre- and post-border pests

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Evan Brenton-Rule, Susy Frankel and Phil Lester

Enhancing the Tax System to Halt the Decline of Nature in New Zealand

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Theo Stephens, Suzie Greenhalgh, Marie A. Brown and Adam Daigneault

Biodiversity Offsets in New Zealand: Addressing the risks and maximising the benefits

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Marie A. Brown and Jemma Penelope

Looking Back - Looking Forward? Institutional aspects of New Zealand approaches to nature conservation

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Hugh Logan

Protected Areas: How will they contribute to third millennium challenges?

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Valentina Dinica

Reinvigorating the Vision: Conservation boards' role in 21st-century nature conservation

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Christine Cheyne

South Island High Country Land Reform 1992-2015

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Ann Brower

The Paris Climate Change Agreement: Text and contexts

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Adrian Macey

Vol 12 No 2 Preview Article: Making Social Services Work for Everyone

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Dave Heatley

Vol 12 No 2 Preview Article: Substantiation Decision-making

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Emily Keddell