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The New New Zealand Tax System

The New New Zealand Tax System

Perhaps the most prominent political debate in New Zealand is about tax. This book provides a new perspective on this critical subject, examining what we know about our tax system, and showing how that falls short of what we should know.

It details how tax works in the countries New Zealanders normally look to for policy comparison. It shows New Zealand has a tax system of extremes. We charge less tax than almost any comparable country on high incomes, dividends, and capital gains. Our GST however, is bigger than most, both as a proportion of taxes and as a proportion of the economy as a whole. And our goal of aligning top personal and company tax rates is not one that other rich democracies seem to share.

They say that in order to change tomorrow, first you must understand today. This book helps everyone, tax experts and interested laypeople alike, understand our tax system today.

ISBN: 978-1-877347-45-0
Published in November 2011

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