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Senior Associate


BSc, PGDipSci, MEnvLS (Hons), University of Auckland
PhD University of Waikato

Marie has a background in local government compliance and policy, and more recently spent three years as the Senior Policy Analyst for the Environmental Defence Society. Marie has a strong interest in policy implementation and evaluation of its effectiveness. Marie is now Practice Leader – Policy for The Catalyst Group, an environmental consultancy, and is based in Upper Hutt.

Recent publications
Marie A Brown (2017) Last Line of Defence: a summary of an evaluation of environmental enforcement in New Zealand, Environmental Defence Society, Auckland NZ
Marie A Brown (2017) The feasibility of a pilot biodiversity bank for New Zealand - A report by the Environmental Defence Society, Environmental Defence Society, Auckland NZ
Marie A Brown (2017) Last line of defence: compliance, monitoring and enforcement of New Zealand’s environmental law, Environmental Defence Society, Auckland NZ
Marie A Brown, Raewyn Peart & Madeleine Wright (2016) ‘Evaluating the environmental outcomes of the RMA’, available here.
Marie A Brown (2016) ‘Pathways to prosperity: safeguarding biodiversity in development’, Environmental Defence Society, NZ
Theo Stephens, Suzie Greenhalgh, Marie A. Brown and Adam Daigneault (2016) ‘Enhancing the tax system to halt the decline of nature in New Zealand’, Policy Quarterly , Volume 12, Issue 1
Marie A. Brown and Jemma Penelope (2016) ‘Biodiversity Offsets in New Zealand: addressing the risks and maximising the benefits’ , Policy Quarterly , Volume 12, Issue 1
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Marie A Brown, RT Theo Stephens, Raewyn Peart and Bevis Fedder (2015) ‘Vanishing Nature: facing New Zealand’s biodiversity crisis’, Environmental Defence Society, NZ
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