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Geoff Rashbrooke qualified as a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries in 1979. He has worked for insurance companies and actuarial consultancies, and as a consultant on his own account. In the late 80’s he was in the NZ Government Actuary’s Office, and returned in 1997 to be Government Actuary up until the end of 2001. In that role Geoff was responsible for the regulation of NZ retirement savings schemes, as well as advising on life and general insurance regulatory matters, and providing advice on life insurance taxation to the Inland Revenue.

Geoff’s consulting work has included advice on earthquake insurance for the Earthquake Commission, acting for members of the Southern Cross Health Association, and two months advising the government of Armenia on regulation of life insurance.

During his time as Government Actuary Geoff developed an interest in retirement income and savings policy, and from 2004 to 2009 was a specialist in that area as a Principal Analyst in the Ministry of Social Development. He gave advice for the Ministry on KiwiSaver development, and was its representative on the KiwiSaver Evaluation Steering Group.

Research Interests

Geoff continues to have as his principal interests:

  • Retirement income policy, including NZS, NZSF, KiwiSaver & private superannuation
  • Financial services and products, including regulatory and tax issues, with a particular interest in annuitisation
  • International pensions reform, including implications of trends in longevity improvement
  • Modelling the long-term effects of population ageing

Geoff is a committee member of the Pensions, Benefits & Social Security section of the International Association of Actuaries. He has attended a number of international pension conferences, including colloquiums for social security actuaries and statisticians organised by the International Social Security Association. 

Selected Recent Publications

Retirement Incomes, with Sue Paul and David Rea, Chapter 5 of “Implications of Population Ageing: Opportunities and Risks”, Boston J. And Davey J. (Eds), Institute for Governance and Policy Studies, Wellington, 2006

Income in retirement, Policy Quarterly Vol 4 No 1, March 2008

A presentation based on this paper was given to the 15th Australian Colloquium of Superannuation Researchers, UNSW Sydney, July 2007

Investigation of the application of actuarial accounting methodology to the NZ flat rate old age pension, a presentation to the 4th Pension Benefits & Social Security Colloquium, Boston , May 2008

Automatic enrolment: KiwiSaver in New Zealand, a presentation to the International Conference on Pension Reforms in Asia and the Pacific, Joint OECD/Korea Regional Centre on Health and Social Policy/World Bank, Seoul June 2008

Simple, effective and (relatively) inexpensive: New Zealand retirement provision in the international context, Social Policy Journal of New Zealand, Issue 36, August 2009

Presentations based on this paper were given to the 17th Australian Colloquium of Superannuation Researchers, UNSW Sydney, July 2009, and to the 4th Pension Benefits & Social Security Colloquium, Tokyo, October 2009