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Senior Associate


First as a psychologist and later as a criminologist, Gabrielle Maxwell has taught and undertaken research in a variety of topics in the areas of social psychology, children, and crime and justice. She has held positions in Psychology at the University of Otago, in the Department of Justice, the Institute of Criminology at Victoria University and the Office of the Commissioner of Children. Prior to becoming a Senior Associate at IPS she was the Director of the Crime and Justice Research Centre at Victoria University, Wellington.

Research Interests

Over the last fifteen years the main focus of her research has been criminological. Particular topics have included: the youth justice system in New Zealand, restorative justice, family violence, programmes for children and youth at risk, police practice and the functioning of the courts and criminal justice policy

Recent Publications

Maxwell, G (2009) ‘Addressing the causes of Offending:  What is the evidence?’  Wellington, Institute of Policy Studies.

Maxwell, G & Liu, J. (2007).  Restorative justice and Practices in New Zealand: Toward a Restorative Society.  Wellington, Institute of Policy Studies.

Buckley, S & Maxwell G. (2007)  Respectful Schools:  Restorative Practices in Education. Wellington, Office of the Children’s Commissioner and Institute of Policy Studies.

Maxwell, G (2006) 'Restorative Justice for Young Paople in New Zealand: Lessons from Research' Beyond Retribution: Advancing the Law and Order Debate, Prison Fellowship of New Zealand National Conference,12 - 14 May.

Maxwell, G (2006) 'Commentary on Day Two: What Values and Concepts Underpin Restorative Justice?' Beyond Retribution: Advancing the Law and Order Debate, Prison Fellowship of New Zealand National Conference, 12 - 14 May.

Carroll-Lind, J,  Chapman, J,  Gregory, J and Maxwell, G (2006) ‘The key to the gatekeepers: Passive consent and other ethical issues surrounding the rights of children to speak on issues that concern them’ Child Abuse & Neglect 30(9), 979-989.

Lo, T. Wing , Wong, Dennis and Maxwell, Gabrielle (2006) 'Community Support and Diversionary Measures for Juvenile Offenders in Hong Kong: Old Legacy, New Age' Asian Journal of Criminology 1(1) 9-20 (Springer, Netherlands)

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Work In Hand - September 2009

1.      Preparing an article on Youth Offending for Te Ara, the encyclopedia of New Zealand.
2.      Developing a proposal for a crime and justice jociety in New Zealand
3.      Preparing a proposal for an alternative approach to parole.