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Research Fellow


David Rea is a part-time Research Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies.  David has worked in a number of different government agencies, and was previously General Manager of the Ministry of Youth Development.  He has a PhD in economics from Cambridge University.  His current research at the IPS focuses on the changing life course of males, and social policy comparisons with Australia.

Selected Publications

Callister, P. and Rea, D. (2010) Why are a group of mid-life men on the margins of work and family? A literature review IPS Working Paper 10/13, Wellington, Institute for Governance and Policy Studies.

Rea, D. (2010) Would New Zealand's economic performance improve if we were more ethical?

Callister, P. von Randow, M. Rea, D. and Cotterell, G. (2010) Changes in paid work for mid-life couples between 1981 and 2006: A research note IPS WP 10/01, Wellington: Institute of Policy Studies.

Rea, D. and Callister, P. (2009) The changing nature of young people’s transitions in New Zealand, IPS Working Paper 09/10, Wellington: Institute of Policy Studies.

Rea, D. (2009) Government Expenditure and Revenue in New Zealand: A Brief Overview, Policy Quarterly, 5(3): 58-67.