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Dr Bryce Edwards, formerly of the University of Otago Politics Department, is a Wellington-based political commentator and analyst. He is the director of Critical Politics ( a project focused on researching, analysing, and communicating New Zealand politics and society, all from a critical point of view.

He writes regularly for the New Zealand Herald on contemporary issues in politics, and appears in a variety of other media. His main areas of interest are in issues of political parties, elections, and Parliament. His PhD was titled Political Parties in New Zealand: A Study of Ideological and Organisational Transformation. He has since been published extensively on issues of New Zealand electoral politics.

As well as working on various public policy issues, he is current researching in two major areas: political power (for a book “Who Runs New Zealand? An Anatomy of Power”) and democracy (especially on problems and possibilities in New Zealand’s political system).

Bryce has an enthusiasm for public engagement, debate, and critical thinking. He is also a director of Transparency International New Zealand.