Institute for Governance and Policy Studies

Policy Quarterly Volume 12 Number 3 Special Issue: Advancing Better Government

Edited by Jonathan Boston
Special Issue: Advancing Better Government

Published in August 2016

Full Copy of Policy Quarterly Vol 12 No 3

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The Myth of the Shrinking State? What does the data show about the size of the state in New Zealand, 1900-2015

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Norman Gemmell and Derek Gill

Anticipatory Governance: how well is New Zealand safeguarding the future?

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Jonathan Boston

High Stakes - Disaster Risk in New Zealand

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Reid Basher

Implications of Climate Change for New Zealand's Natural Hazards Risk Management

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Judy Lawrence

Managing and Communicating Risk and Uncertainty in Macroeconomic Policymaking

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Robert Kirkby and Martin Fukac

Science for Policy: the need for a Commission for Science

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Shaun C. Hendy

A Constitutional Personality: does the New Zealand public service possess one, and is it in good order?

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Chris Eichbaum

The Stewardship Deficit in New Zealand Health Policymaking

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Verna Smith

Citizenship Education in New Zealand: policy and practice

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Bronwyn E. Wood and Andrea Milligan

Advancing Better Tax Policy: the role of wealth taxes in New Zealand

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Lisa Marriott

The Panama Papers and Foreign Trusts: what should be done?

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John Prebble