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Working Papers

Institute for Governance and Policy Studies working papers cover a wide range of research and policy issues. Their aim is to inform and stimulate debate.

Working Papers each have a reference number indicating the year and sequence it was published e.g. WP 99/04 was the fourth Working Paper published in 1999.

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IGPS WP17/01 Permanent Forest Bonds
David Hall, Sam Lindsay and Sam Judd
February 2017
IGPS WP15/02 Wealth Disparities in NZ
Geoff Rashbrooke, Max Rashbrooke and Wilma Molano
November 2015
IGPS WP15/01 Investment approach (plus 2016 Update)
Colin James
June 2015
The TINZ National Integrity System Assessment 2013
Murray Petrie
December 2014
IGPS WP1403 - Connectedness and Canterbury
Catrin Parish
October 2014
IGPS WP14/02 - Vested Interest
Colin James
August 2014
IGPS WP14/01 Governance of a Complex System: Water
Elizabeth Eppel
February 2014
IGPS WP13/05 Collaborative Governance Case Studies: The Land and Water Forum
Elizabeth Eppel
November 2013

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