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Guest Editor on Energy Issues Valentina Dinica

Valentina Dinica is a Senior Lecturer in Public Policy in the School of Government. Prior to joining the Victoria University, Valentina worked as a Senior Research Fellow at the School of Governance and Management, University of Twente (The Netherlands). She received her PhD in public policy in 2003, and held a four year Postdoctoral Fellowship in policy implementation at the same School.

Research Interests

  • Multi-level governance, policy implementation and policy instruments.
  • She has taught and conducted research projects on the governance challenges for sustainable development in various areas such as tourism, energy production and consumption, water management and nature conservation.
  • Policies and the politics of climate change mitigation and adaptation.
Policy Quarterly Volume 9 Number 1
Edited by Valentina Dinica and Bill Ryan
Policy Quarterly Volume 11 Number 2
Edited by Jonathan Boston, Bill Ryan, Guy Beatson, David Bromell, Valentina Dinica, Don Gray, Gerald Minnee, Mike Reid, Andrea Schollmann and Ross Garnaut

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