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Friday 8 February

Dividing the Climate Burden Justly - A seminar by Ewan Kingston

Ewan Kingston has just completed his MA thesis in Philosophy titled "The Just Allocation of Climate Burdens". He has recently worked for Oxfam NZ as a policy and research intern, focussing on climate change, and has written for the Ecologist on various environmental issues.

  • Ewan Kingston presentation available here


1 March-3 May

Improving the Governance of New Zealand - lunchtime lecture series

The eight lectures will explore some of the significant governance issues currently facing New Zealand's major public institutions and private sector organisations. The aim is to foster debate about how the governance of this country, and the many organisations within it, might be improved.
Date Title Speaker
1 March The Governance of Parliament Hon Dr Lockwood Smith - presentation available here
8 March Reviewing Our Constitutional Arrangements Prof John Burrows - presentation available here
15 March The Governance of the Conservation Estate Al Morrison, Chief Executive DOC
22 March Reforming the Electoral System Professor Jack Vowles, VUW - presentation available here
5 April The Governance of Local Government Panel discussion: Michael Macaulay, Ian McKinnon, Mike Reid, Claudia Scott - Note by Max Rashbrooke available here
12 April The Governance of Companies Ralph Chivers, Chief Executive, Institute of Directors - presentation available here
19 April Building a High Integrity System through Good Governance

Panel: Suzanne Snively, Liz Brown, Helen Sutch & Michael Macaulay -

Note by Max Rashbrooke available here

Speaker presentations available here

3 May The Governance of the Health Care System Professor Robin Gauld, Open University - presentation available here


12 March-30 April

Governance of the Interface between Ministers and the Public Service - evening lecture series

Governance of the Interface between Ministers and the Public Service, consists of six evening lectures which will explore the relationship between Ministers and the public service (especially Chief Executives).

This relationship is governed by a range of statutory obligations, but also conventions and practices that are less well articulated. How these change is difficult to perceive. The aim is to foster debate about how these formal and informal relationship work in practice and how they are changing.

Date Title Speaker
12 March Framing the Debate – forms of governance for the relationship between Ministers and Chief Executives and the issues and tensions that can need resolution Len Cook, President IPANZ - an account of Len's talk is available here
19 March Chief Executives, Ministers and Parliamentary Scrutiny Mai Chen - presentation available here
26 March The Exercise of Statutory Independence by Chief Executives Naomi Ferguson, Commissioner and Chief Executive, IRD - presentation available here
16 April 2013
Working with Chief Executives: Delivering on the Democratic Mandate Hon Trevor Mallard, MP - Note by Max Rashbrooke available here
23 April 2013
Ministerial Responsibility and Chief Executive Accountability: Implications of the Better Public Services reform Programme Matthew Palmer - presentation available here
30 April 2013
Working with Ministers: Providing Free and Frank Advice in a Challenging Political Environment Dr Karen Poutasi, Chief Executive NZQA - speech available here


Wednesday 13 March

Transparency, Public Participation and Accountability for Fiscal Policy in New Zealand - three short presentations

  • Dr Murray Petrie presentation available here
  • Becky Prebble presentation available here
  • Dr Chir Eichbaum presentation available here


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Wednesday 8 May

New Zealand National Integrity System Assessment: Some Emergent Findings

  • Presentation slides available here


Friday 17 May

Post Budget Day Seminar

Shamubeel Eaqub – NZIER Principal Economist - 2013 Budget: The Macro-Economic Outlook

Derek Gill – NZIER Principal Economist &  IGPS Senior Associate -2013 Budget: Macro meso and micro perspectives

Philippa Howden-Chapman – Professor of Public Health, University of Otago, Wellington - 2013 Budget: a social and health policy perspective.

Presentation by Shamubeel Eaqub and Derek Gill available here


Friday 24 May

Asset Revaluations, Price Gouging, and Barriers to Entry: The state of play in electricity sector [non]-regulation

Speaker: Dr Geoff Bertram

  • Presentation slides available here


Friday 31 May

Education and Poverty: Confronting the Evidence

Speaker: Professor Helen Ladd (Duke University)

  • Presentation available here


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Monday 10 June

Appeal for a New Zealand Risk Assessment

In early March 2013, 100 distinguished New Zealanders launched an appeal for the New Zealand Parliament to undertake a national risk assessment. Such an assessment, it was argued, should explore the country’s economic security, energy and climate change security, the risk exposure of business and ecological security. This seminar will provide an opportunity to discuss the logic for a national risk assessment and what it might achieve.

Emeritus Professor Sir Alan Mark
Associate Professor Ralph Chapman
Dr Russell Tregonning
Louis Chambers


Friday 14 June

Making Wellington the Natural Capital: Cats, Rats and Other Predators

Speaker: Dr Gareth Morgan

  • Presentation available here


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Thursday 4 July

Symposium on proposed changes to the New Zealand electricity market

Speaker presentations:

Dr Geoff Bertram, Institute for Governance and Policy Studies, Victoria Univesity of Wellington Presentation

Professor Lew Evans, School of Economics and Finance, Victoria University of Wellington Presentation

Ian McChesney, Community Energy Action Presentation

Dr John Small, Covec Presentation


Friday 5 July

Beyond the Final Frontier: Latest Developments in Space Law

Speaker: Dr Chris Newman, Sunderland University

  • Presentation available here


Tuesday 16 July

Governance Gallic Style: Continuity and change in French politics

Speaker: Ambassador H.E. Francis Etienne

  • Article available here


Thursday 18 July

Increasing Inequality: Causes, Consequences and Responses

Programme available here

Speakers presentations:

Dr Michael Forster (OECD)

Professor Robert Wade (London School of Economics)

Dr Cathy Wylie (New Zealand Council for Educational Research)

Professor Philippa Howden-Chapman (University of Otago)

Dr Tracey McIntosh (University of Auckland)

Professor Paul Dalziel (Lincoln University)

Dr Geoff Bertram (Senior Associate, IPGS)

Max Rashbrooke Blog post 1

Max Rashbrooke Blog post 2



Friday 19 July

Ethics and Public Policy: Is there a Place for Religious Values in the Public Square?

Speaker: Professor Andrew Bradstock, University of Otago


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Friday 2 August

Sustaining 'sustainability': lessons in the longevity of complex public policy

Professor Daniel Fiorino, American University read more>>
Dr Paul Reynolds, Ministry for the Environment read more>>


Tuesday 6 August

Sir Frank Holmes Memorial Lecture "The Green Economy: Mythical or Meaningful?"

Note by Max Rashbrooke available here


Wednesday 7 August

Designing Useful Field Experiements


Friday 9 August

US Climate Change Policy and its Global Implications

Speaker: Professor Daniel Fiorino, American University

  • Presentation available here

Wednesday 14 August

Urban growth management in seven new world cities: Aligning urban planning visions and outcomes


Professor Errol Haarhoff, University of Auckland
Lee Beattie, University of Auckland
John Hutchings, Wellington City Council

  • Presentation by Professor Errol Haarhoff and Lee Beattie available here


Friday 16 August

Does New Zealand Need Media Reform?

Speaker: Dr Bryce Edwards, University of Otago

Note by Max Rashbrooke here


Friday 23 August

Environmental Policy-Making in New Zealand, 1981-2014

Speaker: Gary Taylor

  • Presentation available here


Thursday 29 August

Effective Collaborative Governance Workshop

Available for viewing:


Friday 30 August

Does New Zealand Need a Committee on Standards in Public Life?

Speaker: Associate Professor Michael Macaulay

  • Presentation available here

  • Note by Max Rashbrooke


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Wednesday 4 September

Looking Forward: NZ Aid Beyond 2015

New Zealand Aid
and Development Dialogues

Programme available here

View lecture by Professor Howes here


Thursday 5 September

Climate confusion: why the international climate change negotiations have unravelled, and what, if anything, can be done about it?

Speaker: Professor Stephen Howes, Australian National University

  • Presentation available here


Thursday 12 September

Renewable Energy Futures to 2050: Current Thinking and Options for Cities

Speaker: Dr Eric Martinot, Victoria University of Wellington and Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies, Tokyo

View presentation here


Friday 13 September

Valuing Nature and the Problem of Incommensurable Values

Speaker: Dr Geoff Bertram

  • Presentation available here


Monday 16 September

Insights on Models of Change: A Global and Pacific Perspective

Speaker: Duncan Green, Oxfam UK

  • Presentation available here


Friday 20 September

From Millennium Development Goals to Sustainable Development Goals

Speaker: Dr Wren Green

  • Presentation available here


Friday 4 October

Mobilising people to protect and restore our environment – the roles of paradigms, cosmologies, theories, values and beliefs

Speaker: Dr Rick Boven, Stakeholder Strategies

  • Presentation and speaker notes available here
  • Full video presentation available here.

Friday 11 October

Enhancing Environmental Governance

Speaker: Associate Professor Ralph Chapman


Wednesday 16 October

Thin Ice: The inside story of climate science – film and discussion

Thin Ice

This 73-minute science documentary film was introduced by Peter Barrett and followed by a panel discussion on the public understanding of climate science introduced and chaired by Bryan Crump, Radio New Zealand.  Panellists, all from Victoria University of Wellington, were:

  • Associate Professor Ralph Chapman, School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences
  • Judy Lawrence, Climate Change Research Institute
  • Associate Professor James Renwick , School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences

Video of the discussion here. Podcast of the discussion here.

Presentation times in the 50 minute discussion are:

Bryan Crump:       0.00 -   2.58  Introduction to the panel and James Renwick
James Renwick:    2:58 - 11.00 Update on climate science
Bryan Crump:      11.00 - 13.03 Introduction to Judy Lawrence
Judy Lawrence:   13.03 - 21.25 Issues around adapting to climate change
Bryan Crump :     21.25 - 22.34 Introduction to Ralph Chapman
Ralph Chapman: 22.34 – 30:00 Dealing with carbon emissions 
30.00 – 50.08 Questions from the audience and responses from the panel

For more on the film see or email us.



Friday 18 October

Local Authority Elections: Trends, outcomes and significance

Speaker: Dr Mike Reid, Principal Policy Advisor, Local Government New Zealand

  • Presentation available here
  • Blog notes available here.


Wednesday 30 October

New Public Governance: What can we learn from research on the governance in the Netherlands to inform the implementation of Better Public Services?

Speaker: Professor Jan Koppenjan

  • Presentation available here.


Friday 22 November

Appetite for Destruction: Food - the good, the bad and the fatal

Speaker: Dr Gareth Morgan

  • Related site here
  • Blog notes on presentation here


Dr Morgan pictured with Dr Michael Macauley


Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Climate Change: The Warsaw Whys and Wherefores

Speakers: Jo Tyndall, John Carnegie, Jacob Anderson, Adrian Macey.
Chair: Professor Dave Frame

What progress did the Warsaw Climate Change Conference make and what does it mean for New Zealand? A discussion with people who were there.


Friday, 6th December 2013

Active Labour Market Programmes: Some lessons from Nordic Countries.

Speaker: Professor Michael Rosholm, University of Aarhus, Denmark

Michael Rosholm specializes in applied econometric methods for causal analysis. He is director of a newly established interdisciplinary research centre focusing on the evaluation of public policies/interventions aimed at helping children and youth performance.



Friday, 6th December 2013

Linking Administrative Records for Research to Advance Child Protection: Case Studies from USA

Speaker: Assistant Professor Emily Putnam-Horstein, University of Southern California, USA.

Emily Putnam-Hornstein, PhD, is an Assistant Professor at the University of Southern California’s School of Social Work. She also maintains a research appointment at the California Child Welfare Indicators Project at the University of California at Berkeley. Emily’s current research involves the linkage of administrative data sources in an effort to improve the surveillance of nonfatal and fatal maltreatment, providing insights into where scarce resources may be most effectively targeted and informing an understanding of maltreated children within a broader, population-based context.



Tuesday 10th December

Government at a Glance: How does New Zealand measure?

Speaker: Dr Zsuzsanna Lonti

Dr Lonti is Head of of the statistics and indicators unit in the Budgeting and Public Expenditures Division in the OECD Governance Directorate, an OECD cross-national data programme. She will focus on NZ's comparative performance.

Review of Dr Lonti's seminar


Tuesday 17 December

Ethics & Standards in English Local Government

DATE: Tuesday 17 December
VENUE: Rutherford House, Mezzanine Floor, MZ04
TIME: 12:30pm-1:30pm

Dr Gary Hickey

The Localism Act 2011 has radically altered the integrity and standards framework of English local government. Dr Gary Hickey will be discussing these developments from the perspective of an insider who witnessed first-hand the rise and fall of that regime.

Write-up of the seminar >>


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