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Welcome and Introduction: Professor Jonathan Boston (Institute for Governance and Policy Studies, School of Government, Victoria University of Wellington) pdf

Part 1: The International Climate Policy Challenge, and the Implications for New Zealand

Session 1 – The Global Context
Chaired by Dr Beat Nobs, Swiss Ambassador to New Zealand.
Hon David Parker: The Way Forward on Climate Change
Professor Michael Grubb: Climate change solutions in theory and practice: national and international dimensions pdf

Session 2 – Costs and Benefits
Chaired by Judy Lawrence, PS Consulting Ltd.
Dr Steve Hatfield-Dodds: Building climate policy momentum through improving incentive alignment pdf
Dr Tim Denne: Achieving emission reductions at least cost: international lessons for the New Zealand context pdf

Session 3 – The Global Policy Challenge
Chaired by Judy Lawrence, PS Consulting Ltd.
Panel Discussion: Dr Bert Metz, Professor Michael Grubb, Dr Steve Hatfield-Dodds and Dr Tim Denne.
Hon Dr Nick Smith: National’s Perspective on Climate Change pdf

Part 2: Addressing the Domestic Climate Policy Challenge

Session 4 – The Global Context
Chaired by Professor Jonathan Boston (Institute for Governance and Policy Studies)
Dr Bert Metz: How to avoid more than two degrees of warming? pdf

Session 5 – Policy Issues and Options
Chaired by Associate Professor Ralph Chapman (School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences, Victoria University of Wellington)
Phil Gurnsey: The Policy Landscape – Issues and Options pdf
Murray Ward: An Integrated Approach pdf
Peter Neilson: Price-Based Mechanisms – Issues and Options pdf
Dr Charlotte Severne: The Māori Economy – Issues and Options

Session 6 – Agriculture and Forestry
Chaired by Al Morrison, Department of Conservation.
Dr Paul Reynolds: Agriculture and Forestry pdf
David Rhodes: The Role of Forestry in Climate Policy pdf
Dr Sean Weaver: Deforestation and its Implications pdf

Session 7 – From Policy to Action
Chaired by Celia Wade-Brown, Wellington City Council.
Diana Shand: Where the rubber hits the road –mitigation and adaptation within local government pdf
Waverly Parsons: Climate Change and Local Government - where the rubber hits the road pdf

Session 8 – The Way Forward
Dr Adrian Macey: Concluding Thoughts on Prospects for a Global Solution and How New Zealand May Contribute pdf

Closing Remarks: Professor Jonathan Boston pdf

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