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2 December:

John Benington

3 December:

Jean Hartley

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Tuesday 2 December

Adding Public Value at the Interface Between Government and the Community:

Achieving a strong customer and client focus

To solve complex problems the public service needs to understand and engage more and differently with our customers? What enables this, including the nature of leadership?


What lessons can we learn when the public service and the community work together as they have done in Great Britain?


What value can the public service add to ensure actual results are achieved?


In the words of the Deputy Prime Minister in his speech to IPANZ in February 2014 "There are a few lessons we should take from the Better Public Services progress report. One is that some of the things we always thought were too difficult, actually are soluble. It's absolutely critical for a public service that its ways of thinking and forms of analysis don't lead it to the conclusion, as has happened in the past, that there are people beyond hope and that there are problems beyond solutions".


This address, followed by an interactive question and answer session with Professor Benington, will look at the British experience of dealing with complex and longstanding social and health issues and how the public sector adds value and new ways of thinking in working at the interface with communities.

John Benington

Emeritus Professor, Warwick Business School

Date: Tuesday 2 December
Venue: Russell McVeagh Boardroom
Time: 5.30pm - 6.30pm


Wednesday 3 December

Public Managers and Political Astuteness:

Lessons for the New Zealand State sector

As public managers, we work in an inherently political environment: one with numerous, diverse and often competing interests and stakeholders. What kind of small-p political skills do we need to achieve publicly valuable outcomes in a world of complex, often wicked, problems?

The Leading with Political Astuteness research project led by Professor Jean Hartley  investigated the importance placed on political skills by public managers in NZ, the UK and Australia.


Please join Professor Hartley as she shares her findings and provides the answers to some fascinating and critical questions: how different are Kiwis really? How well do we score ourselves  and others on the various dimensions of political astuteness?  And if political astuteness is so important in contemporary government, can it be selected for, taught and learned?



Professor Jean Hartley

Department of Public Leadership and Social Enterprise, The Open University

Date: Wednesday 3 December
Venue: Rydges Hotel

75 Featherston Street, Wellington
Time: 12.00pm - 12.30pm Registration & Light Refreshments 12.30pm - 1.45pm Seminar


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