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  • Dr Gary Hickey - Kingston University London
  • Liz Richardson - Manchester University
  • Associate Professor Tina Nabatchi - Maxwell School of Citizenbship and Public Affairs


Women as Leaders:

Negotiating the Labyrinth

In many nations, women have gained considerable access to leadership roles and are increasingly praised for having excellent skills as leaders. Yet, women have remained underrepresented in leadership roles, especially at higher levels in organizations and governments.


Because the reasons for this phenomenon are complex, women's paths to leadership can be described as forming a labyrinth that contains varied impediments. These impediments include stereotypes that leadership requires the culturally masculine qualities of assertiveness and dominance.


This image makes it more difficult for women than men to show that they are qualified to lead and produces conflicting demands that women leaders have to negotiate.


Thursday 19 February

5.30pm - 6.30pm

Victoria University, Pipitea Campus, Old Government Buildings, GBLT2

Later in 2015

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