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Futures Online: Thinking Beyond the 21st Century
Date: Thursday 11th February
Time: 5:30 - 6:30pm
Location: Old Government Buildings Lecture Theatre 1
RSVP: Required. Please RSVP here

As much as we may remember or dream about the past, or revise our interpretations of it, the past is not something we can truly influence. The future is different.  Futures Online is a catalyst for Participatory Futures Thinking (PFT).

Futures Online aims to promote PFT in New Zealand by developing interviews with a diverse group of New Zealanders containing insights on how to build a sustainable future.  The interviews are in both video and text format. Educators and their students are invited to use these interviews to spark further discussions about the potential for change and what they would like to see happen between now and 2065. 

Futures Online and IGPS will launch the initiative on February 11th at Old Government Building LT1 (17:30-18:30).  The event is entirely open to the public and refreshments will be available afterwards so please come and join the discussion. 

Futures Online has been made possible by a bequest made to The New Zealand Futures Trust by Ian Baumgart, who died in 2013.  Ian was New Zealand’s first Commissioner for the Environment and a committed futures thinker.


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