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Advancing Better Government through Legislative Stewardship Conference

How do we design legislative and regulatory systems so that we can protect the interests of the future, including those of our future selves and future generations?

Stewardship—active planning and management of regulation and legislation advice—is a statutory obligation for chief executives and, through them, the New Zealand public service. This conference will bring together leading drafters, officials and academics to address legislative stewardship—not only what it is but, most importantly, how we can all practise it.

Date: Thursday 27th - Friday 28th October
Time: Day 1 8:45am - 5:15pm: Day 2 9:00am - 12:30pm
Location: Parliament Buildings
RSVP: Registrations are open now. There is a cost
Confirmed speakers on Day 1 include: Professor Jonathan Boston, Victoria University; Miriam Dean QC, barrister; Dr Rory Gallagher and Lee McCauley, Behavioural Insights Team; Richard Wallace, Parliamentary Counsel Office; Tania Warburton, Legislative Design and Advisory Committee; Associate Professor Michael Macaulay, Victoria University; Professor GEoff McLay, Victoria University; Sir Geoffrey Palmer QC, Victoria University; Mamari Stephens, Victoria University; Max Rashbrooke, Victoria University.
Day 2 has a series of targetted seminars and our workshops to select.
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Contemporary public policies are usually understood and practised in rationalist terms: with objectivity, analytical thinking and structured planning processes. The same applies to any long term planning.
The role of storytelling tends to be dismissed as irrelevant to the policy process and not worthy of serious consideration. But this seminar will discuss how and why stories are integral to the work of governance and policy making, to mobilising society’s resources towards a shared vision, and to a more engaged and collaborative effort to build a collective future.
Please join Dr Adrian Kuah and NZ Fire Service’s Hamish More in a thought provoking discussion about why and how stories are integral to engaging people and communities and, possibly contrary to expectations, can help us develop more effective and sustainable policies and programs.
Date: Friday 28th October
Time: 12:30am - 1:45pm Light lunch from 12 noon
Location: Intercontinential Hotel, Lambton Rooms
RSVP: You must register through Eventbrite

Speakers: Dr Adrian Kuah, Senior Research Fellow, Lee Kwan Yew School of Public Policy; Hamish More, Director Capability and People for NZ Fire Service. Moderator: Dr Vicki Miller, Strategic Policy Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

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