Institute for Governance and Policy Studies

Ongoing Research

The IGPS conducts research across a wide range of topics in the broad areas of decision making, governance and management and public policy research.


The Institute examines arrangements across all levels of government and at the various stages of the policy process (e.g. agenda setting, problem definition, policy formulation, decision-making, implementation, evaluation and, where relevant, termination). Hence, consideration will be given to how polices are developed, how decisions are made and implemented, and how outcomes are monitored and reviewed. This will include the role and influence of elected representatives, political parties, government agencies, interest groups and the general public.

Governance and Management

The Institute for Governance and Policy Studies continues and builds on the previous work undertaken by the Institute for Governance and Policy Studies on constitutional issues and public management.

Public Policy Research

The Institute conducts research projects on a range of specific policy issues of concern to the central government, local governments and the business, community and voluntary sectors.

Research may include, but not be limited to, topics involving social trends, social equity, education, child poverty, immigration, public health, conservation and the environment.