Institute for Governance and Policy Studies

19 June 2015

Meet IGPS' New Research Associate

Peter McKinlay has worked nationally and internationally over many years as a researcher and adviser on local governance and local government. He is both Executive Director of McKinlay Douglas Ltd and a Research Associate with the Institute of Governance and Policy Studies at Victoria University of Wellington leading the development of the Institute's work on local governance....CONTINUE READING

15 June 2015

Rethinking Local Government Reform

This week's decisions by the Local Government Commission not to proceed any further with proposals for local government reform in either the Northland or Wellington regions has been greeted variously as lost opportunities or triumphs for local democracy...CONTINUE READING

25 May 2015

Devolution: The way of the future, or a threat to local government autonomy?

The respective roles of central and local government will be right at the heart of the National dialogue on the place of local government. The central part of this discussion will be the extent to which central government should devolve further activities to local government, especially activities whose successful delivery requires a very good knowledge of and ability to work with local communities...CONTINUE READING