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Later in 2015

  • Liz Richardson - Manchester University
  • Associate Professor Tina Nabatchi - Maxwell School of Citizenbship and Public Affairs

Community and Voulntary Sector Research Forum:

June 2015

A number of academics at Victoria University research in, and for, the community and voluntary sector, with many of our postgraduate students also researching in this area. As well as networking within the University, this research is shared with the community through regular Community and Voluntary Sector Research (CVSR) Forums.


This months forum will feature the following discussions:


  • Open Government and the Community and Voluntary Sector

  • A Volunteer Research Register, as Essential Infrastructure for Research on Schizophrenia and Related Disorders

  • NGO's and Ethics


  • Manjula Shivanandad

  • Robert Miller

  • Ruth Weatherall

  • Deborah Jones


IGPS Symposium

Identifying What Works

Using Randomised Control Trials in Public Policy

About the Symposium The aim of this free, full-day symposium is to build more knowledge and capability around RCTs, both in government and among interested parties. There will be presentations by international experts, a panel on examples, keynotes on 'Importance of Evidence' and 'Broader Issues of RCT's' and much more.


  • Professor Sir Peter Gluckman
  • Professor David Fergusson
  • Professor Philippa Howden-Chapman
  • Professor Stuart McNaughton
  • Professor Richie Poulton
  • Associate Professor Tim Dare
  • Dr Sarah-Baird
  • David McKenzie
  • Berk Özler Moderator and MC Associate Professor Michael Macaulay

Moderator and MC:

  • Michael Macaulay - Institute for Governance & Policy Studies



IGPS Symposium

A More Inclusive New Zealand

National Forum

The purpose of the forum is to bring government, non-government and community organisations together to discuss ideas and action on how to create a more inclusive New Zealand. The forum will promote discussion and diversity of thought. The forum will be evidence and story driven and solution focussed.


The forum is essentially a collaborative workshop bringing together government, non-government and community organisations to discuss ideas and action on how to create a more inclusive New Zealand. The goal is to develop a shared understanding of the key issues that will allow every New Zealander to fully participate in the economy and society, with a focus on enhancing opportunities and capabilities. As part of this we hope to develop a better understanding of the appropriate balance between government, non-government organisations and communities in enhancing a more inclusive New Zealand.


The core part of the day will be focussed around conversation sessions. National experts (such as Diane Robertson – Auckland City Mission, David Hanna – Wesley Community Action, Dr Lance O'Sullivan – GP from Northland; see below) will talk about issues around Māori well-being, hardship, regional well-being, children, communities, housing and health. The conversation sessions will be structured around their stories, identifying the drivers, influences, systems and processes. Participants will split into small groups to identify and discuss issues and key drivers and potential processes and solutions. The last part of the day will include reflection on what was developed from the conversation sessions and how we can take this forward.

International Keynote Speakers:


Stephen Jenkins - London School of Economics

Intragenerational Income Mobility and Poverty Dynamics

Miles Corak - University of Ottawa

Intergenerational Social Mobility and Inequality




Later in 2015

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